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Direct Burial & Extreme Conditions

50 Ohm Coax - Ham Radio

Direct Burial & Extreme Conditions

AIRBORNE 10 /.400"
Messi & Paoloni Airborne 10 low loss coaxial cable for Ham Radio, direct burial and antenna
[10,3 mm / 0,405 inches Cable]                                             WHY CHOOSE THIS CABLE:  - THE BEST ATTENUATIONS tested in a 10,3mm cable with solid core, boasting 19 dB @2400 MHz!  - Perfect for DIRECT BURIAL and totally WATERPROOF thanks to the PE carbon-black tearproof sheath that allow different kind of outdoor uses.  - 45% lighter than average 10,3 mm full copper cables: ideal to halve the cost of air shipments in DXpeditions and shipments in general! - Sturdiness at the highest level reached by adding 24 more wires to the braid, for a total of 168 wires. This leads to a dramatic reduction of the background noise (moreover the braiders used are 24 spools, instead of 16 spools, giving 50% more crossovers).
to € 41.85
AIRBORNE 5 /.200"
Messi & Paoloni Airborne 5 low loss coaxial cable for Ham Radio, direct burial and antenna
[5 mm / 0,197 inches Cable]                    WHY CHOOSE THIS CABLE:  - Same dimensions of a RG 58 C/U (5mm) but at 50 MHz its attuenuation is 3,6 dB/100m better.  - Perfect for DIRECT BURIAL and totally WATERPROOF thanks to the PE carbon-black tearproof sheath that allow different kind of outdoor uses. - Weights 1,4 Kg less per 100m than RG 58: its incredible lightness will prove a great operational advantage and will ensure significant savings in shipping costs and "DXpedition". - It's only 5mm of diameter but Airborne 5, made with tough aluminium magnesium alloy braid, boasts a superlative robustness and enviable resistance.
to € 41.70
BROAD-PRO 50 Double Jacket/.488"
Messi & Paoloni Broad-Pro 50 Double Jacket coaxial cable with two sheaths
[12,4 mm / 0,488 inches Cable]                     WHY CHOOSE THIS CABLE: - Specifically designed with a DOUBLE SHEATH for DIRECT BURIAL.  - COMPLETELY made of BARE COPPER. - The external PVC jacket is in black UV resistant PVC; the red jacket underneath is in red polyethylene, granting FULL WATERPROOF features and shows potential cracks on external sheath, which might occur during pulling on rough environments. - At 2400 MHz its attenuation is 2/3 dB lower then the best competition. *Special cable available upon request and for reasonable quantities.
upon request
to € 343.00
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