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Professional Cables

Direct Burial & Extreme Conditions

50 Ohm Coax - Ham Radio

Direct Burial & Extreme Conditions

AIRBORNE 10 /.400"
Messi & Paoloni Airborne 10 low loss coaxial cable for Ham Radio, direct burial and antenna
[10,3 mm / 0,405 inches Cable]                                           45% lighter than average 10,3 mm full copper cables: ideal to halve the cost of air shipments in DXpeditions! New improved dielectric: outstanding attenuations up to 12 Ghz, ideal for “MOON BOUNCING” lovers, the best features tested in a 10,3 mm cable with solid core, boasting 19 dB @2400 MHz!  Fully waterproof: can be laid out in beaches flooded by tides, or buried underground. Sturdiness and screening efficiency at the highest level: >105 dB (SA), and improved sturdiness reached by adding 24 more wires to the braid, for a total of 168 wires (78% coverage + 100% foil). This leads to a dramatic reduction of the background noise (moreover the braiders used are 24 spools, instead of 16 spools, giving ...
starting from € 41.85
AIRBORNE 5 /.200"
Messi & Paoloni Airborne 5 low loss coaxial cable for Ham Radio, direct burial and antenna
[5 mm / 0,197 inches Cable]                    The professional cable M&P-AIRBORNE 5, has been specifically designed for "DXpedition" teams. The peculiar characteristics of this cable provide a large number of advantages from different points of view: it has the same dimensions of a RG 58 C/U but weights 1,4 Kg less per 100m. Moreover at 50 MHz its attenuation is 3,6 dB/100m better. Its incredible lightness will prove a great operational advantage and will ensure significant savings in shipping costs.  Another key element making this cable special, is its enviable resistance: it's a 5mm cable, but Airborne 5 boasts a superlative robustness (tough aluminium magnesium alloy braid), as well as a total impermeability.  The PE carbon black-tearproof jacket, allows different types of outdoor uses: it can be buried or left underwater in the beaches affected by tides. At 50 MHz has a power handling of 268 Watt continuous carrier (RTTY) and 536 Watt  in SSB, absolutely ...
starting from € 44.48
BROAD-PRO 50/C Double Jacket/.488"
Messi & Paoloni Broad-Pro 50 Double Jacket coaxial cable with two sheaths
[12,4 mm / 0,488 inches Cable]                     Professional coaxial cable for transceivers completely made of bare copper. The ''Broad-Pro 50/C Competition Double Jacket'' version is an evolution of our field tested and reliable model M&P Broad-Pro 50 Double Jacket.  Specifically designed for extreme applications: this cable can be laid underground. The external PVC jacket is in black UV resistant PVC; the red jacket underneath is in red polyethylene, granting full waterproof features. The red PE jacket clearly shows potential cracks on the above external sheath, which might occur during pulling on rocky and rough environments. In order to prevent oxidation of the braid and copper foil, we apply over them a special protective wax called "Petrol Jelly". This cable delivers exceptional technical features and is mostly appreciated by ...
starting from € 343.00
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