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Hyperflex 5 Crystal Messi & Paoloni
Hyperflex 5 Crystal Messi & Paoloni
Hyperflex Crystal

HYPERFLEX 5 Crystal /.212"

[5,4 mm / 0,212 inches Cable]            

Hyperflex 5 Crystal is finally available with a transparent sheath that shows the elegance of the braid!    

A new breakthrough in the market  standards! The new international reference point for attenuations, flexibility and screening efficiency for all 5,4mm/0,212'' cables! 

Extreme flexibility:  perfect matching with rotator operated antennas, obtained by means of a sophisticated full copper stranded inner conductor (19 wires instead of 7).

Outstanding attenuations up to 6 Ghz, even better than some solid core cables of the competition. 

Screening efficiency:  >105 dB (SA) and improved sturdiness reached by adding 24 more wires to the braid, for a total of 120 wires, (88% coverage+ 100% foil). This leads to a dramatic reduction of the background noise. Moreover the braiders used are 24 spools, instead of 16 spools, giving 50% MORE CROSSOVERS.

Lightweight:  4,4 Kg/100 m  for a reduced stress of the “hanging and swinging" stretch of the cable in rotor operated antennas.

The external PVC jacket is in black UV resistant PVC. Useful hint: the PVC used for the jacket of the cables, makes them extremely flexible but it's not suitable for underground laying.

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Price ........ € 173.00 (VAT included)
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