Ø 13mm (.500") Cables

50 Ohm Coaxial Cables

N Male

Ø 13mm (.500") Cables

N for 13mm /.500" - NEW SERIES
N for 13mm /.500" - NEW SERIES
SOLDER/SOLDERLESS "N" MALE       Compatible with following models:  ULTRAFLEX 13 /.500'' HYPERFLEX 13 /.500'' Connectors provided with new designed PINs, created to meet the need of those who wants:- weld the pin to the conductor (without transferring excessive heat),- for convenience, a solderless installation (thank to the flexible fins).     Two functions in the same connector, for the best operational flexibility! Why choose this connector? • Compression design with double seal that ensures better protection against infiltration of water, humidity and condensation.• Easy installation and welding instructions included in the package (no braid soldering needed). • Dramatic suppression of the background noise, improvement of screening attenuation and insertion losses.• The surfaces are treated with a special alloy called Smart3-Alloy®: it is corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.• The new designed pin prevents excess of tin and the consequent heating, which damages ...
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