50 Ohm Coaxial Cables - UHF (PL-259) Male - Ø 13mm (.500") Cables - CO.UHF.13M-SL EVO
50 Ohm Coaxial Cables - UHF (PL-259) Male - Ø 13mm (.500") Cables - CO.UHF.13M-SL EVO
Coax Connector pin solder
UHF PL solder and solderless male connector for Ultraflex 13 and Hyperflex 13 coax
50 Ohm Coaxial Cables - UHF (PL-259) Male - Ø 13mm (.500") Cables - CO.UHF.13M-SL EVO
50 Ohm Coaxial Cables - UHF (PL-259) Male - Ø 13mm (.500") Cables - CO.UHF.13M-SL EVO

UHF for 13mm /.500" EVOLUTION



Compatibile with:


Connectors provided with new designed PINs, created to meet the need of those who wants: 

- weld the pin to the conductor (without transferring excessive heat), 

- for convenience, a solderless installation (thank to the flexible fins). 


Two functions in the same connector, for the best operational flexibility!

Why choose this connector?

 Compression design with double seal that ensures better protection against infiltration of water, humidity and condensation.

 Easy installation and welding instructions included in the package (no braid soldering needed).

 Dramatic suppression of the background noise, improvement of screening attenuation and insertion losses.

• The new designed pin prevents excess of tin and the consequent heating, which damages the dielectric causing an uncontrollable alteration of the electrical properties of your cable (differently from standard PL259 which is exposed to strong thermal stress).

• In typhical UHF (PL259) threaded RF connectors it is necessary to fill the center conductor pin with melted solder, Evo's rounded Pin eliminates the problem of solder burrs. Sophisticated machining improves the opening of the plug's bottom and facilitates introduction of the cable's conductor.

• The new UHF Evolution can be used conveniently up to 6000 MHz, a well made PL259 is barely acceptable up to 2000 MHz. Never has a PL come so close to the famous "N" connectors for performance and reliability!

• By adding our ''HEAT SUPPRESSOR"  you will also add durability and constancy of performance.


1. price is for ONE connector.

Price per Quantity
Quantity Unit Price
1 € 15.00
6 € 13.90
10 € 13.00
20 € 11.90
Prices VAT included
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