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Messi & Paoloni coaxial cable trolley for bobbins and coils
Messi & Paoloni coaxial cable trolley for bobbins and coils
Accessories - MP-PROMO TROLLEY2

M&P Cable Trolley


If you want to buy our Cable Trolley, please contact us.  


We have the pleasure to present you the brand new M&P cable trolley in it's more updated Version.

Please have a look also to our video presentation on YouTube looking for the video below. 


This Special Stand, suitable for showroom or workshop, holds a poster on top, which will show all the cables and their features for a quick and easy reading. Great Marketing device! Very attractive appearance, suitable to put into any showroom.


Can be moved easily. One person can load it easily into a van even with all the cables in place.

Very fast displacement, will be an eyecatcher on any trade show and will boost the sales! In the YouTube presentation, we have shown the trolley loaded over a large scale, simulating the easy loading of the trolley on the flatbed of a van.

No need to say that the trolley is so well balanced that anyone can handle it the same way as a baby stroller (trolley itself 25 Kg+ cable =100-110 Kg in full agility) (220-243 lb + accessories).

The loading and unloading of the van are a breeze, and effortlessly the trolley is brought to the booth in the trade fair, facilitating the sales, giving attractive image on the products, and when comes time to return home, everything is easier to manage: from the booth to the van , from the van to the showroom, only by removing the banner.


Allocated into three sections, the upper, intermediate and lower, threaded on special bars, are placed coils of predetermined size, such that on each section, (bar), can find place 2 smaller reels or a single larger one. It follows that we can have combinations of 3 large bobbins, or 6 small ones, or mixed combinations of 1 large and 4 small or 2 large and two small. Following is a sharp and clear view of how could be possible to "dress up" your Cable trolley.


We have added a bracket holding a set of cables 1 m (3 feet) long, hanging for customers flexibility test: each cable has a connector on one side, showing the consistent quality of each connector. Moreover we have added a winding device with meter counter, for making customized coils easily.


*METERCOUNTER and BOBBIN WINDER ARM are sold separately. 

Price ........ € 440.00 (VAT included)
Availability of stock: delivered to you in 2/3 days
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