Accessories for Cables and Connectors - POTA-SPEED

PotaSpeed - Cable Reel Winder

POTA-SPEED guarantees fast and practical management of the coaxial cables coils (recommended for cables up to max. 7,3mm/.287" diameter)

You can find below a video where the advantages during use are highlighted.

Preface and Backstage of the projects

We would first like to thank Mike K8MRD and our friend Stephen for contributing their very detailed advice in creating products strongly inspired by POTA enthusiasts.


The objective was to build a high visibility cable suitable for intensive use, subject to continuous handling and trampling, for situations in the field, without compromises, breaking the traditional mold.


These cables had to inherit the extreme flexibility of our Ultraflex and Hyperflex class models (specific for combination with rotors) and they also had to inherit the lightness of the Extraflex Bury series, robust as tanks and buryable but less flexible.


Often creating a product that brings together the best of each specialization requires many studies, tests, waste, bitter disappointments, stubbornness, passion, and in fact it took a year and 5 prototypes to arrive at the launch of the INDUSTRY FIRST POTA SPECIFIC CABLE .


Of the POTA-FLEX 7 alone there were 3 prototypes, the POTA-FLEX 6 inherited the modifications of the previous one, while the POTA-FLEX 10 was abandoned with the first prototype to concentrate on the first two, more calibrated to expectations. A year of tests and prototypes, and now we are here to discuss it.


We are particularly proud of the result achieved: the POTA cables, tailor made, will be the founders of a new series of unprecedented tactical cables.


The yellow polyethylene sheath, reflective and semi-transparent, exposed to direct sunlight allows the sun's rays to reach the underlying braid which increases the reflection.


The particular extrusion system with which it was made allows it to be unsheathed in a smooth manner, greatly facilitating the installation of the connectors. (for us this innovation is worth gold)!


POTA-SPEED guarantees fast and practical management of coaxial cables coil.

The two braids, dense, light and resistant, braided with 24 spindles, are made of a special copper-plated Aluminum-Magnesium alloy, inspired by military criteria and constitute a natural defense for the underlying copper sheet which is one of the most critical elements under very repeated bending and beyond the minimum bending radius allowed.


The dielectric and the 19-wire pure copper conductor are inherited from our Ultraflex 7 and Hyperflex 5 models and are a guarantee of reliability proven over years of success.


The POTA-SPEED proposed by us is the result of a practical need that we had in personally carrying out stress tests on both POTA-FLEX cables for 100 unwinding operations and 100 rewinding operations (in total 200x2 operations).


It became clear after the first 20-30 operations that we would have spent a lot of time and effort, with the risk, in our haste, of twisting and creating unwanted knots in the cables.


Desperate, after an intense and very careful search we found the right device which, once purchased, allowed us to continue the test at hyperbolic speed.


In addition to the extreme ease of use and speed of execution (100 feet forward and backward in one minute and 4 seconds in our video on YouTube), what we appreciated enormously was the fact that there is no risk of creating bottlenecks or twists or kinks in the cable pulling hastily, as in the case of an oncoming storm or rain.


Furthermore, as Mike has well illustrated, the minimum bending radius allowed to avoid damaging the cable is always respected, so this, in addition to the characteristics of the POTA-FLEX armored cables, guarantees a decidedly longer operating life.


During the aging tests, we carried out several VNA measurements on the same cables to evaluate any accelerated degradation. The cables passed the tests with flying colors.

These measurements will be published on our YouTube channel.


We left it to Mike to subsequently carry out his "torture tests", as being our creatures, we would never have been sadistic to the right degree.


We don't care if someone wants to look for a reel elsewhere for a few dollars less: we neither invented nor produced it, but we researched, approved and VALUED it


However, just make sure that the core of the spool is not smaller than that of the POTA-SPEED.


We have created BUNDLES where it has been introduced at a POLITICAL PRICE, to encourage its use.

The constant and meticulous use of the reel, in addition to greatly facilitating use, preserves the cable and allows it to be stored neatly for the next activation of the parks.


For this purpose, next month we will introduce the POTA-CASE, where you can store the spool for easier and tidier transport.


Also in this case it is a service dedicated to all of you.


Thanks for your attention.


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POTA-FLEX 7 /.300"
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