A coaxial cable is the component of a system that carries signal from antenna to television. The elements that compose it respect strict parameters in purity and selection of the materials. For several years a good cable must guarantee the quality of the signal for its entire length in addition to materials with which it was composed. The stress that inevitably undergoes the cable during installation should not affect too much negatively on the declared characteristics . For this purpose we have developed the Elite Series, extremely sturdy cables that tolerate heavy stress installation.



                structure of a coaxial cable conductor braid dielectric screening jacket



It’s the element through which the signal travels. In all of our cables it is made up of 99.9%  pure copper and it's applied a process called thermal annealing, for an improved flexibility. Bigger is its diameter, more the attenuation is moderate, due to the skin effect, as the signal exploits the larger outer circumference of the conductor to convey the signal. The outer surface of the conductor must be as smooth as possible and free of oxidation.




It consists, in sophisticated cables, by insulating material "polyethylene foam" with a honeycomb structure. We add two protective layers (skin), applied internally and externally. The inner one serves to ensure that the dielectric is not dislodged from the central conductor, when the cable is bent. This prevents misalignment of the position of the conductor on its centering in the dielectric. The outer skin is a powerful barrier against moisture, that if penetrated in many alveoli, can dangerously alter the characteristics of the cable. This is a further reinforcement against mechanical stresses. The proportion of the air dielectric / polyethylene, generates a dielectric constant that, in relation to the diameter of the inner and outer conductor, determine the impedance of the cable. TheGas Expanded TL high pressure technology dopted by M&P, ensures that the cavities of the air result homogeneous and well distributed. Having a uniform ''dielectric constant'' in each point of the insulation means to have stable impedance, and a few waves reflected.




coaxial cable foamed dielectric structure




It completely covers the dielectric and constitutes the more important shield, especially at high frequencies. In the bands of aluminum or copper used, it is added a layer of polyester (sandwich Al-Pet-Al or Cu-Pet). When a cable is quite narrow bent , it will generate strong surface tensions on the outside curve. These voltages generate cracks and tear on the tape, if this is not appropriately coupled with a layer of polyester.




It’s the second screen of the cable, or "mass". Its function is decisive at low frequencies and typically classifies the cable about the transfer impedance (norm EN50117). M&P uses 24 spools braids for the production of the series "Elite", which shirts are very narrow and ordered, and in addition to a great shield, they give to the cable a high mechanical resistence, outstanding during the installation of the cable.





coaxial cable braids spool




It’s the protective skin of the internal elements of the cable. There are different material according to the use of the cable:



It is very soft and makes the cable flexible, is adaptable for indoor applications and / or cable pipes.



It’s used for cables for outdoor or direct burial, as it is particularly resistant to all atmospheric agents, and totally waterproof. The cable has a more rigid consistency, which allows the trampling unlike those with PVC sheath.



Low Smoke Zero Halogen, is a thermoplastic required by some specifications especially for installations on sites with high influx of people such as schools, hotels, public offices etc. as in case of fire does not release toxic gases (dioxin), and opaque fumes that can make difficult the escape routes.

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