All our products are covered by the legal guarantee of two years, provided by the Consumer Code art.1519 bis of Legislative Decree 24 of 02/02/2002.

Consumers are thus entitled to get free support if the following conditions have been met:
A) giving a proof of the original sales receipt or invoice, stating the exact date of purchase (for proper evaluation of the correct  terms of the warranty).

B) that the installation has been made properly, following the many advices and instructions  described in our catalog.

C) that the assembly of the connectors has been performed carefully, following  the step by step indications provided by us for a correct operation.

D) that the cables for underground installation have been passed in pipes and/or conduits, and that it has been made use of high quality watertight connectors, corresponding for mechanical and electromagnetic compatibility to the connectors offered by M&P.

E) that the cables with PVC sheath or LSZH sheath have not been buried underground. Except for cables with Polyethylene jackets like Airborne 5, Airborne 10 and Extraflex Bury, 

F) that the cables have not been subjected to improper  physical / mechanical stress, kinks, twists and/or sharp bends, beyond the minimum bending radius values ​​(reported in each product), non-respect of redundancies necessary for links to motorized antennas.

G) that the cables are not undergone amplification voltages exceeding the values ​​indicated in the tables of our catalog (Power handling / temperature), and in any case are never exceeding the ​​Peak power values  declared in each product datasheet.

H) that the cables have NEVER been installed near a heat source that can alter the physical and mechanical characteristics of the product, (eg chimneys).

I)  that while receiving the cables delivered by the courier, it is carefully checked the integrity of the package / pallet, and in the case of tamper-evidence, it is made   "with RESERVE ACCEPTANCE"  written into the same courier shipping document.

For consumers who buy the goods only for purposes unrelated to their profession, it's valid the art.1519 bis of Legislative Decree 24 of 02/02/2002 (2 years warranty).
For those who buy for their professional activities or for resale to third parties as it reads the art.1490 (1 year warranty only).
The guarantee covers exclusively the value of the cable , and its replacement, and is excluding any other charges. 
It is not applicable to customized products (example: made-to-measure coaxial cable with connectors specifically installed by our technicians under specific customer request), except in case of a defective product.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper storage of the material in non suitable places, as well as transport damage with  carriers not affiliated or approved by  Messi & Paoloni.

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