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DIGISAT 5 ELITE (Class A++)is the best achieved by a coaxial cable Ø 6.8mm: 25 dB to 2.150 MHz and 14.9 dB to 860 MHz (per 100 m). Resolving in case of poor signals and long distances. It attenuates from 3 to 4 dB less than the best coaxial cables Ø 6.8mm: it's like having a small amplifier with no noise.


DIGISAT 123 ELITE coaxial cable (A ++) with its Ø 5 mm and 37 dB at 2150 MHz and 22.3 dB at 860 MHz (for 100 m). is ideal for short midsection, but it brilliantly solves situations in long stretches with narrow cable pipes.



DIGISAT 523 ELITE (A ++) is a coaxial cable with only Ø 6 mm and 29.4 dB 2150 MHz and 18 dB at 860 MHz for 100 m) attenues as many 6.8 mm competition cables, a jewel of miniaturized technology.


DIGISAT 823 ELITE coaxial cable (A ++), diameter Ø 6,8mm, is ideal for long distances and trunks. Great price / performance ratio, with 26.5 dB at 2150 MHz and 16.2 dB at 860 MHz (for 100 m).


Coaxial cables of the INTSAT SERIES ( INTSAT 81 - INTSAT 110 Elite - INTSAT 170 Elite )have a polyethylene sheath (PE) which makes them very resistant to all adverse environments under which a petroleum jelly (Petrol Jelly) is injected, used to prevent oxidation. They are perfect for internal and external installations (totally waterproof and UV resistant).

EXPERT Series coaxial cables have three Class A models,DIGISAT 122 Expert,  DIGISAT 822 Expert and FDA-DIGIT Expert, which are a good alternative to the Elite series, though with slightly lower performance.

In the coaxial cables of the SAT SERIES we find cables in Class B. Although cheaper, we have maintained in them all the constructive care of the other classes. They respond well to the analogue and digital signals of the SAT TV bands, even if only more schematic cables should be considered for DVB-T.

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