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The Messi & Paoloni, since its origins, has always had a high opinion of the quality to be applied to business processes, and reflected to its products.

After several years of ISO 9001 certification, Messi & Paoloni is pleased to report that as of 19.12.2016, has upgraded to the new and more stringent certification ISO 9001/2015.

In practical terms this new certification should be considered as the indicator of the global business quality enhancement of the M & P, thus strengthening the quality system of the company, which results in homogeneity of production standards.

We trust that the awareness to purchase our products with a “Certified” cable design and production standard , are a further guarantee of how much Messi & Paoloni cares about the customer satisfaction!




This term defines the global extension of quality control to all phases of production. This process, starts with the selection of raw materials suppliers, able to guarantee high quality standards and quality certification for parts as required by ISO 9001. Sophisticated simulation software is used to develop new products to fully meet the standards of each country and the needs of each and every market.  For example , for the Elite series, a software has been expressly developed for our needs and enables us to schedule and monitor the advancement of jobs and its breakdown into lots. Then using special bar codes, it lets us follow up and file the entire history of that job with numerous documents and the thorough quality controls performed. Refined on-line quality control equipments are used for this purpose (running tests during the course of production) in order to identify and root out any abnormality as it arises, before it can cause greater damage (loss of corporate image, claims, returns, etc.).


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DOP CERTIFICATES -  Ethernet/Lan Cables
DoP N° MP0075 - Code: UTP CAT 5/e - UTP 5.pdf
DoP N° MP0076 - Code: UTP CAT 6 - UTP 6.pdf
DoP N° MP0077 - Code: FTP CAT 5 - FTP 5.pdf
DoP N° MP0078 - Code: FTP CAT 6 - FTP 6.pdf
DoP N° MP0081 - Codice: UTP CAT 6 PE- UTP 6 PE.pdf
DOP CERTIFICATES - 75 Ohm Coaxial Cables
DoP N° MP0021 - Code: AMG 500 - AMG 500.pdf
DoP N° MP0022 - Code: AMG 65 - AMG 65.pdf
DoP N° MP0004 - Code: DIGISAT 5 ELITE - Digisat 5 Elite.pdf
DoP N° MP0001 - Code: DIGISAT 123 ELITE - Digisat 123 Elite.pdf
DoP N° MP0002 - Code:  DIGISAT 523 ELITE - Digisat 523 Elite.pdf
DoP N° MP0003 - Code:  DIGISAT 823 ELITE - Digisat 823 Elite.pdf
DoP N° MP0007 - Code: DIGISAT 122 EXPERT - DIGISAT 122 EXPERT.pdf
DoP N° MP0008 - Code: DIGISAT 822 EXPERT - DIGISAT 822 EXPERT.pdf
DoP N° MP0009 - Code: FDA DIGIT - FDA DIGIT.pdf
DoP N° MP0014 - Code:  IK 12 ELITE - IK 12 ELITE.pdf
DoP N° MP0010 - Code:  INTSAT 81 - INTSAT 81.pdf
DoP N° MP0011 - Code:  INTSAT 110 - INTSAT 110 ELITE.pdf
DoP N° MP0012 - Code:  INTSAT 170 - INTSAT 170 ELITE.pdf
DoP N° MP0013 - Code:  INTSAT 220 - INTSAT 220 ELITE.pdf
DoP N° MP0023 - Code:  MDN 650 - MDN 650.pdf
DoP N° MP0016 - Code: MICROCOAX 3,6 - MICROCOAX 3.6.pdf
DoP N° MP0017 - Code: MICROSAT 3,6mm - MICROSAT 3.6 mm.pdf
DoP N° MP0019 - Code: Minisat 1 Plus SN - Minisat 1 Plus SN.pdf
DoP N° MP0018 - Code: MINISAT 1 PLUS - MINISAT 1 PLUS.pdf
DoP N° MP0029 - Code: PROSAT 2 FIN - PROSAT 2 FIN.pdf
DoP N° MP0028 - Code: PROSAT 2 - PROSAT 2.pdf
DoP N° MP0030 - Code: PROSAT CAI - PROSAT CAI.pdf
DoP N° MP0024 - Code: SAT 423-N - SAT 423N.pdf
DoP N° MP0025 - Code: SPEEDY 5-B150 - SPEEDY 5.pdf
DoP N° MP0026 - Code: SPEEDY 6-B100 - SPEEDY 6.pdf
DoP N° MP0027 - Code: ST 53 A - ST 53 A.pdf
DOP CERTIFICATES - 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables
DoP N° MP0095 - Code: M&P AIRBORNE 5 - AIRBORNE 5.pdf
DoP N° MP0096 - Code: M&P AIRBORNE 10 - AIRBORNE 10.pdf
DoP N° MP0097 - Code:  M&P HYPERFLEX 5 - HYPERFLEX 5.pdf
DoP N° MP0100- Code: M&P ULTRAFLEX 7 - ULTRAFLEX 7.pdf
DoP N° MP0102 - Code: M&P ULTRAFLEX 10 - ULTRAFLEX 10.pdf
DoP N° MP0103 - Code: M&P HYPERFLEX 10 - HYPERFLEX 10.pdf
DoP N° MP00105 - Code: M&P BROAD PRO 50/C  - BROAD PRO 50.pdf
DoP N° MP0107 - Code: M&P ULTRAFLEX 13 - ULTRAFLEX 13.pdf
DoP N° MP0109 - Code: M&P HYPERFLEX 13 - HYPERFLEX 13.pdf
DoP N° MP0111 - Code: RG 58 - RG 58.pdf
DoP N° MP0112 - Code: RG 213 - RG 213.pdf
DoP N° MP0083 - Code: Digisat 122 Expert LSZH - Digisat 122 LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0084 - Code: Digisat 123 Elite LSZH - Digisat 123 LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0085 - Code: Digisat 5 Elite LSZH - Digisat 5 Elite LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0086 - Code: Digisat 823 Elite LSZH - Digisat 823 LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0087 - Code: Broad Pro 50 LSZH - Broad Pro LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0088 - Code: Ultraflex 10 LSZH - Ultraflex 10 LSZH.pdf
DoP N° MP0090 - Code: Ultraflex 7 LSZH - Ultraflex 7 LSZH.pdf
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