Power Handling of a Coaxial Cable

The power Handling indicates the parameters for power in which a cable can operate, depends on the characteristics of the conductors (inner / outer), but especially by the ability of the dielectric to dissipate heat. The power handling depends strongly on the frequency of use and is inversely proportional to this. The values stated in the tab, refer to the temperature detected on the surface of the cable at 40°C/104°F(please take in consideration that when exposed to direct sunlight, the cable overheats), a VSWR of less than 1.5 and an altitude of 0-300m above sea level.
The higher is the operating temperature (ambient t.), the lower the chances to dissipate the heat generated inside the cable towards the outside. Conversely, with low temperatures the heat is easily  dissipated so that the cable can operate at higher powers. The Power Handling is calculated at the temperature of 40°C/104°F (tested directly on the surface of the cable itself) and the variations in more or less, are leading to a decrease or increase of this value.


Watt Power Handling for Amplifiers, Connectors, Coaxial Cables


Heat Suppressor peak power and peak voltage


Peak Power
By Peak voltage and the Impedance is obtained Peak Power, which is independent from frequency.
It is calculated as: (V peak max)2 / (2 * Zo), where Zo is the impedance of the cable. 
This value must never be exceeded.

Peak Voltage
It is the maximum peak voltage applied between the conductors of the cable in order to prevent the dielectric piercing (breakdown voltage). This depends exclusively on the characteristics of the insulating dielectric.
The formula for determining the Peak Voltage is as follows: Ed * Ri * ln (Re / Ri)
Where “Ed” is the dielectric strength of the insulation, “Ri” is the inner radius of the dielectric and “Re” the outer radius.

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