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Special coax scissors for cutting the cable and connectors installation
Special coax scissors for cutting the cable and connectors installation

Special Coax Scissors

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Italian production scissors designed by Messi & Paoloni to ensure precision and delicacy while cutting the cable, consisting of an insulated handle in cellulose acetate, and a special nickel-plated cable stripper blade with a semi-lunar shaped recess for an accurate cut of any layer of the cable. 

The cut is clean and without metal burrs, even on the central conductors of considerable sizes, such as our 12,7mm (.500") cables, greatly facilitating the insertion of the inner conductor in the pins (for example of the N or UHF EVO connectors). 

Made with a special carbon steel (XC50 ​​with Rockwell HRC 53-56 hardness) and bainitic hardening treatment, they guarantee prolonged use by reducing wear in the recess of the blade.

To preserve the quality of the cut given by the semi-lunar recess of the blade for a long time, we recommend cutting only cables with copper conductors only or CCA (copper-plated aluminum), avoiding those in CCS (copper-plated steel) which could create premature indentations. 

The blades are coated on the outside with a thick nickel plating. The internal part of the blade is not nickel-plated but carefully polished to ensure the right closing friction and a clean cut.

For this reason, we recommend, after use, spraying a few drops of oil to keep them always in perfect condition.

In our connector assembly videos, you can clearly see the enormous benefits they provide throughout the entire assembly phase.

Product dimensions: 7.3cm x 14.5cm

Videos & Connectors Installation

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