Messi & Paoloni has celebrated on 10 March 2018..72 years of activity, 62 of which in telecommunications.

Since 1974 we have successfully been present on the national and international markets in the quality of manufacturer of coaxial cables for radio frequency.



The continuous improvements in all production cycles, along with the persistent investments in research, development, and technological innovation, have enabled us to achieve the well known “GAS EXPANDED TL” technology, where we applied a sophisticated structural foam geometry, enclosed between two protective layers, in order to achieve superb performance in terms of Attenuation, Impedance stability, Structural Return Loss and Resistance to Moisture.

Quality is however the philosophy which inspires the construction of each single cable, from the lowest-priced to the most sophisticated. With reference to DL 37/08 (ex DPR 46/90) relative to safety of TV systems, our products are realised in compliance with the regulations: CEI 46-1 (construction parameters);CEI 100-7 (TV reception installations); CEI 46-13 (cable TV systems), EN 50117 (cable networks).

 The ELITE series cables are tested to 4 kV and the underground installation series INT SAT at 8 kV.

Therefore they conform to CEI UNEL 36762 and can coexist with the power cables as part of CEI 64-8, provided that the

installation has been duly protected against lightnings. (IEC 100-7 and IEC 81-1)

Starting from this year, it will be possible to purchase our products on-line, in our brand-new e-commerce section.

The coaxial cables can be purchased either on regular standard lengths, or in irregular cuts, put up for sale in their random length (ex 63, 85, 87, 52 etc.).
You shall find a wide variety of fine quality products, ranging from Ham Radio cables, for transceivers and Broadcasting activity, along with Digital terrestrial television, and satellite cables, Alarm cables,etc.



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